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Welcome to Lloyd’s Brussels

Lloyd’s Brussels is Lloyd’s first Europe wide operation, established to bring the scale, expertise and capacity of the world’s specialist insurance market closer to its customers in Europe through a locally staffed and regulated insurer.

Selected news from Lloyd's

Preliminary hearing for Part VII Transfer – Court Order granted

The High Court gives initial approval to the Lloyd's approach to the transfer of non-life EEA claims business to Lloyd's Brussels.

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Hard Brexit: Lloyd’s commits to pay all valid claims

Lloyd’s is working on transferring all European Economic Area (EEA) business to Lloyd’s Brussels before the end of 2020 via a Part VII transfer.

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Christian Noyer joins Lloyd’s Council and Lloyd’s Brussels board

We are pleased to announce that Christian Noyer has been appointed Non-Executive Director of Lloyd’s Council, and independent Non-Executive Director of Lloyd’s Brussels board.

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Lloyd’s Brussels subsidiary

The European Economic Area is a key market for Lloyd's. As the UK leaves the EU Lloyd's will continue to work with it's European partners through Lloyd's Brussels and its European Network.